CI Federal Building

Columbia Industries has been providing janitorial and landscaping services to the Richland Federal Building for over 30 years. Our clients are responsible for cleaning 306,614 square feet of space inside the building. Outside, they maintain over 40,000 square feet of lawn and landscaping. In addition, CI clients are responsible for litter and snow removal for 365,000 square feet of parking lot space. This Source America contract employs 13 people with disabilities from our community on a full-time basis through Columbia Industries.

Source America is a Federal initiative to help people who are blind or have other significant disabilities find employment. The Program works within a national network of over 600 nonprofit agencies, including CI. Each of these agencies provide goods and services to the United States government at a fair market price. The Source America program is the single largest provider of jobs for blind or disabled people in the United States.

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CI Federal Building Annual Impact


adults with disabilities

0 sq. ft.

of interiors cleaned and
exteriors landscaped


cleaning efficiency
A man cleans a bathroom while wearing blue gloves

Through the Source America program, Columbia Industries' clients provide janitorial services and ground maintenance to the Richland Federal Building, and make cloth welding hoods for the U.S. Navy in CI Solutions.

Columbia Industries, like Source America, envisions a world where every person with significant disabilities is able to achieve personal success, including employment. Through the Source America program provided by Columbia Industries, people with disabilities acquire skills and training, receive wages and benefits, and gain greater independence and quality of life. Columbia Industries is proud to provide these products and services to the United States government.