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Source America

CI Solutions produces over 50,000 cloth welding hoods for the US Navy each year. This Source America contract provides jobs for three employees with disabilities from our community.

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CI Solutions Annual Impact


part-time employees
with disabilities


hoods sewn for the US Navy


hoods produced each day on average

Consider Us

We produce over 50,000, 100% cotton welding hoods each year as a part of our mission to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities and other life barriers, for our U.S. Navy Source America contract. Sizable portions of the excess cotton are repurposed into rags, fit for a variety of uses.

“I like working here because of the pace and I don’t mind how repetitive it is. It feels like less pressure and pace is more my speed.”– Cristian R.

A rack holding folded pieces of fabric is in the foreground while a worker folds fabric pieces at a table in the background.
A view over the shoulder of a person working at a sewing machine

Mission Services

Personal success looks different for everyone. Our Solutions Department helps empower our clients to reach their individual goals and gain personal independence.

From employment services, specialized job and life skills training, career opportunities, a center for social enrichment, and connectivity to community resources, our services enrich and empower these individuals to achieve personal success.

Our Products

Welding Hoods

  • Breathable, lightweight fabric
  • One size fits all
  • Dust-proof
  • Available in bulk pricing

Multi-purpose Rags

  • More durable than paper
  • Un-finished, usable-sized pieces
  • Washable & economical
Stacked spools of fabric

Our Services


Our 100% natural cotton rib fabric, hand-sewn hoods are the perfect lightweight material for welding, automotive work or painting.


5 hoods - $8.50
12 hoods - $19.50
24 hoods - $39.99
144 hoods - $187.50


Leftover material is cut into rags that can be used to clean a variety of areas: home, garage, automotive, kitchen and bars.


5 lb bag - $31.99
10 lb bag - $49.99
25 lb bag - $109.99