Mission and Values


Columbia Industries is committed to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities and other challenges in order to help them achieve personal success and community engagement.

Three Lowe's employees smiling for a photo in the garden department of a Lowe's store
Two men standing at a raised flower garden


We champion the development of essential vocational and life skills, meaningful social involvement and access to critical resources.


We provide employment services, specialized job and life skills training, career opportunities, a center for social enrichment, and connectivity to community resources.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, public support and donations are essential. As a social enterprise, we generate critical mission support through the operation of successful commercial businesses.

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We are a change leader dedicated to executional excellence, collaboration, innovation, continual learning, constant improvement and sustained achievement.

We value teamwork, preparedness, hard work, and mutual commitment. Because we respect and honor all people, we operate in a nurturing and transparent manner.