Round Table Pizza employee finds success

Today we celebrate Isaac! He has been employed at Round Table Pizza since early 2020. When he came to Round Table via CI Employment Services, his goals were to maintain a job, learn to step out of his comfort zone and become less nervous, try new things and acquire more social skills in a work environment.

“Isaac has been a great addition to our family/staff here at Round Table,” said his manager, Sheri. His job title when first hired was dishwasher/busser, but Isaac has taken on many other cleaning tasks while on the job. He quickly became their COVID Ambassador throughout the pandemic, ensuring all touch points (doorknobs, phones, etc.) were being sanitized several times a day.

Employee gives thumbs up to camera

Isaac is thriving at his Round Table Pizza job.

Isaac has frequently asked his manager to learn additional processes and tasks. He’s currently learning how to make pizzas in the kitchen and helping with a few prep tasks. Isaac’s newest quest is to master answering the phones!

“Isaac’s work ethic is amazing and something for others to look up to and learn from,” said Sheri. “He rides the city bus in all weather conditions to get to and from work, always arriving on time – and most of the time, early!”

Isaac has an amazing sense of humor that all staff members love and appreciate. He has gained friendships and respect from others. Isaac has not only achieved his goals of being less nervous and trying new things, but he is also exceeding his goals of growing socially.

“As a manager, I have enjoyed watching him tough it out through a pandemic while staying very positive and upbeat,” said Sheri. “I am very impressed by his willingness and desire to try and learn new things!”

Thank you, Isaac, for your dedication to your job! It’s our privilege to watch you flourish!

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